Self-Management Practices among Diabetic Women of Reproductive Age in a Tertiary Hospital, Osun State, Nigeria

  •  Oluwatoyin Abiola Lanre-Ogungbile    
  •  Christiana Olanrewaju Sowunmi    
  •  Jacob Kehinde Opele    


PURPOSE: To investigate self-management practices of diet, exercise, medication, and self-monitoring of blood glucose among diabetic women of reproductive age in OAUTHC.

METHODS: This study employed a descriptive design. A total enumeration of 185 diabetic women of reproductive age in a tertiary hospital in Osun state constituted a sample size. A self-structured questionnaire with 40 items under 5 sections and a check list for recording glyceamic control measures were used for data collection. The data retrieved from the respondents were analyzed using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 23. Results were presented as frequencies, mean and standard deviation.

RESULTS: The findings from the study revealed a moderate level of dietary intake (mean = 2.80), moderate physical exercise (mean = 2.80), moderate medication intake (mean = 2.13) and moderate self-management practices (mean = 2.85) on 5points Likert scale.

DISCUSSION: The findings of the study were compared with previous studies and the researchers showed how the relevant theories that guided the study were used to explain the findings.

CONCLUSION: It was concluded that most of the women had moderate practice of diet, exercise, medication and self- monitoring of blood glucose as shown in their past medical history.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.