Comparison of Hb Levels in Adolescent Girls With The Treatment of The Combination of Fe and Vitamins

  •  Yulina Dwi Hastuty    
  •  Dodoh Khodijah    
  •  Wardati Humaira    


Lower Hb level in anemia is one of the health problems that sometimes occur in adolescent girls compared to males characterized by menstruation cycle and miscocundcut of eating behaviors. Reduction of learing concentration a nd reduction of health and reduction of growth and body weight. The long effect of maternal death, lower body weight of newborn with lower body weight. This present study assesses the effectiveness of supplementation of iron, vitamin C and vitamin A for adolescent girls attending Senior High Schools in Medan, North Sumatera, Indonesia. Sampling technique used stratified sampling method. In Indonesia, the prevalence of anemia is signidcantly high that achieve 57.1%. This study aims to increase Hb levels of anemic adolescent girls using the treatment of Fe, vitamin C and vitamin A.

The type of the study was experimental using randomized experimental control. The total samples were 140 respondents and samples were divided into three groups. Data were analyzed usingt-test and Anova.

Results of the study revealed that the treatment of Fe and vitamin A had higher mean Hb level compared to two other treatment groups.

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