A Continuous Professional Development Strategy for Expanded Competencies Needed by Radiographers Working in Rural Areas

  •  Bernard Mung’omba    
  •  Annali DH Botha    


INTRODUCTION: The emphasis on Primary Health Care (PHC) with a focus on preventative care offers a challenge for rural radiographers to advance solutions that are change focused. Published evidence suggest that allied health professionals such as radiographers employed in rural areas of South Africa were confronted with an assortment of challenges and responsibilities that demand a wide range of skills and competencies. Additional skills could be essential and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) strategy could be used as a vehicle to equip rural radiographers.

OBJECTIVE: To propose a CPD strategy that may support rural radiographers’ expanded and extended competency development needs.

METHODS: This research used exploratory sequential study design involving Phase I (qualitative) and Phase II (quantitative) with seven participants and 101 respondents respectively. The CPD strategy development was based on the results from data analysis of both strands. Since strategy development is based on a process of trustworthiness, six evaluators from the clinical and academia were consulted. The evaluators were purposely selected.

RESULTS: A final CPD strategy for rural radiographers was proposed. Results from a mixed method study were used in the process of developing the CPD strategy.

DISCUSSION: Radiographers working in rural areas of KwaZulu Natal (KZN) a province in South Africa are faced with emerging competency need that require both extended and expanded competencies which may be beyond those required for professional registration. This unmet competency needs can be supported by a CPD strategy that is aligned to these competency needs.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.