Competence of Nurses Relating Self-Directed Learning in Saudi Arabia: A Meta-Analysis

  •  Abdulaziz M. Alsufyani    
  •  Ahmad E. Aboshaiqah    
  •  Mahaman L. MOUSSA    
  •  Omar G. Baker    
  •  Khalid E. Almalki    


Self-directed learning (SDL) has become important for medical students for developing their independent learning skills. This may help them in enhancing their sense of assertiveness and responsibility. Therefore, the present study aims to evaluate the competency based learning among the nurses as it is important to secure and promote the nursing services. The study has conducted a broad spectrum of research studies between the 10-year duration i.e., between the time-period of (2009–2018). The studies shedding light on details of the competence of nurses’ relation to SDL in Saudi Arabia were reviewed. The results have shown significant post-intervention enhancements with a pooled random-effects standardized mean difference of 0.81. The effect size of learning was higher as compared to the reaction with respect to the assessment level. It has also been shown that students with medium-competence simulation have higher effect size as compared to high-competence simulation and low-competence simulation.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.