Learning Disabilities Teachers' Attitudes About Professional Development to Address the Needs of Students with Gifted and Learning Disabilities (SGLD): A Qualitative Study

  •  Yasir A Alsamiri    
  •  Salman A Aljohni    


Learning disabilities teachers exercise a significant influence on the educational development of students with gifted and learning disabilities (SGLD). It is therefore important to understand their attitudes towards professional development in this area to effectively implement training and educational practices to address the needs of SGLD. The authors interviewed 8 learning disabilities teachers in Yanbu city in Saudi Arabia. The interviews were analysed using content analysis. Findings from the study suggest that further professional development in learning disabilities, giftedness and SGLD may assist in improving the educational outcomes of SGLD. The results of this study may assist teachers and educational personnel to seek the optimal methods to identify and assist SGLD.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.