A Field Concept of the Black Hole

  •  Ogaba Philip Obande    


A new perspective of the black hole BH is introduced. Based on the assumption that space and matter are fundamentally fields and governed by same deterministic quantum laws, the field dynamics is analyzed with classical (Newtonian) mechanics to argue that: i) the BH is not a singularity but Hawking’s ‘apparent horizon’; ii) the Schwarzschild BH does not exist; iii) the naked ‘singularity’ NS might not be ruled out in observational atomic and molecular emissions; iv) the Kerr-Newman black hole KBH functions to modulate and transform frequency of matter waves and re-orient same across the three particle-generations universes in perpetual energy re-cycles, no new creation but endless energy re-cycling; vi) the BH process is not thermodynamics but electrodynamics; vii) accretion is not random, it is motivated by a universal ‘aging’ process in which matter progresses from one symmetry group to another; viii) spatial alignment arises from universal diagonal orientation of constituent elements of intrinsic cubic geometry of nature’s periodic envelopes; ix) all spatial periodic envelopes are binaries, the causality is illustrated in some detail. It is suggested that a frequency modulator/transformer circuitry might be a better model for simulating the BH than thermodynamics.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.
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  • Started: 2009
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