Wilhelm Wien’s Photons Creating the BohEmian Pilot Wave for the Guiding of the Individual Huygens - de Broglie Particles on the Helical Path Governed by the Newton - Bohm Evolute (the Bohmian Pilot Wave) through the Young - Feynman Double - Slit Barrier.

  •  Jiri Stavek    


In our approach we have combined knowledge of Old Masters (working in this field before the year 1905), New Masters (working in this field after the year 1905) and Dissidents under the guidance of Louis de Broglie and David Bohm. In our model the quantum particle is represented as the Huygens-de Broglie’s particle on the helical path (full wave) guided by the Newton-Bohm entangled helical evolute (Bohmian Pilot Wave). These individual Huygens - de Broglie particles in the Young - Feynman double - slit experiment react with Wilhelm Wien’s photons that are always present inside of the apparatus (Wien’s displacement law). Wilhelm Wien’s photons form collectively the Wien filter guiding the Huygens - de Broglie particles through the double - slit barrier towards a detector (BohEmian Pilot Wave). The interplay of those events creates the observed interference pattern. In the very well-known formula describing the intensity of double-slit diffraction patterns we have newly introduced the concept curvature κ of the Huygens - de Broglie particle and thus giving a physical interpretation for the Newton - Bohm guiding wave (the Bohmian Pilot Wave): for photons κ = π/λ, for electrons κ = 2π/λ. Moreover, we have introduced into that formula the expression λmax from the Wien’s displacement law to describe geometry of the double - slit barrier. We propose to modify the value λmax by the change of the system temperature. There is a second experimental possibility - we can insert into those slits filters to remove Wien’s photons while the Huygens - de Broglie particles continue towards a detector - we should observe the particle behavior. The similar situation might occur in the Mach - Zehnder interferometer. In this case the individual Huygens - de Broglie particle reacts in the first beam splitter with the Wien photon: the Huygens - de Broglie particle goes through one path while the Wien photon goes through the second path. In the second beam splitter they interact again and create the interference pattern on one detector. We can experimentally modify the resulting interference pattern in the Mach - Zehnder interferometer - by the temperature change of the system or by inserting filters to remove Wien’s photons from one or both paths. Can it be that Nature cleverly creates those interference patterns while the Bohmian pilot wave and the BohEmian pilot wave are hidden in plain sight? We want to pass this concept into the hands of Readers of this Journal better educated in the Mathematics and Physics.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.
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