The Electrical Magnetism of Maxwell (1873) Is the “Crooked Mirror” of Physical Science

  •  Robert A. Sizov    


The concept of the electric magnetism Maxwell (1873) is a result of the superficial and exceptionally erroneous impression of Great Physicist from the well-known experience of Oersted. However the world scientific community adopted this erroneous impression as the ultimate truth and, following Maxwell, declared the moving electric charges to be direct sources of the magnetic field. At same time, the true sources of the magnetic field the magnetic poles (magnetic charges) which are the real structural components of atoms and substance, were “buried alive”. Such theoretical discoveries as the curvature of four-dimensional space-time, explaining the physics of gravity, the big bang, the journey through “Black holes” in space and time, and many others, are well known. All these discoveries were formed without taking into account the existence of real magnetic poles (magnetic charges) since were based on the provisions of Maxwell’s flawed electromagnetic concept. The main reason which for more than 100 years inhibits the detection and recognition of real magnetic charges, are the special conditions of their confinement in a substance that are radically in the substance different from confinement of electrons. The results the experiments of F. Ehrenhaft, the present author and others in which of real magnetic charges were observed in the structures of atoms and substance prove that the existing concept of electric magnetism is deeply erroneous, and the fundamental change in physical priorities is the most important task today. Physical science, freed from vicious EM-concept of Maxwell and the accompanying relativism will offer humanity innovations in the form of practically useful physical effects and manifestations. This article presents 11 such innovations discovered by the author when embedded into the representations of real magnetic charges including, example, the electromagnetic (vortex) nature of the gravitational field, as well as the effects of Gravitational levitation and Intra-atomic gravitational shielding (IAGS). The first effect allows, for example, a person to go out into space without the use of jet thrust. The IAGS effect largely determines the physics of such fundamental manifestations as the chemical bonding, nuclear forces, and radioactivity.

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