Gravity as the Sole Fundamental Force

  •  Gregory L. Light    


We had explained electromagnetism by gravity before a recent publication in this Journal, in which we further incorporated the nuclear strong force in the framework of gravity. This paper, summarizing our cumulative results, continues to integrate the nuclear weak force with gravity, where we go by the following line of logic: Planck’s formula shows energy E = frequency = probability = wave; hence quantum waves have energies and the Universe is a diagonal spacetime manifold containing {(particle pi, electromagnetic wave λ (pi))}. By Feynman’s analysis on electromagnetic mass, we assume that the distribution of E over (p, λ (p)) is (3/4 , 1/4)E. Then Newton’s gravitational acceleration formula yields E = 1.6 × the observed energy o f p, so that p exists only for a duration of 5/8 λ/c over the cycle [0, λ/c], such as evidenced in quantum tunneling, opening the possibility for λ (p) to be combined with other waves forming new particle(s) for t > 58/ λ/c. By the time ratios of two frames in General Relativity we deduce neutron’s lifetime, and by the Higgs mechanism we show neutron’s decay products.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.
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