Policy Change of Free Print Journals


As you are aware, printing and delivery of journals results in causing a significant amount of detrimental impact to the environment. Being a responsible publisher and being considerate for the environment, we have decided to change the policy of offering free print journals for authors.

From July 1, 2018, we will not automatically provide authors free print journals. However, when authors really need free print copies, they are requested to kindly complete an application form to order printed copies. Once approved, we will arrange print and delivery, for a maximum of two copies per article.  If authors require more than two copies, they are requested to order online at:

Additionally, we are happy to provide journal’s eBook in PDF format for authors, free of charge. The eBook is the same as the printed version, but it is completely environmentally friendly. Please contact the journal editor to request eBook of the journal’s issues.

We are committed to saving the planet for our future generations.
Posted: 2018-01-23

Environment and Natural Resources Research: Call for Papers


We are now seeking submissions for Vol. 8, No. 3, October 2018 issueSubmission deadline: September 10, 2018.

Please find the journal’s profile at and submit your manuscripts online. You may also e-mail submissions to

Please find the paper submission guide (MS-Word or  PDF) and the MS-Word template (Paper TemplateTitle Page Template)

If you have any questions, please e-mail to
Posted: 2018-06-01

Publishing Statistics in 2018Q2 Released


2018Q2: Articles Received: 26; Accepted: 16; Rejected: 8; Published: 13; Retracted: 0

2018Q1: Articles Received: 13; Accepted: 9; Rejected: 5; Published: 8; Retracted: 0

2017: Articles Received: 69; Accepted: 45; Rejected: 22; Published: 35; Retracted: 0

2016: Articles Received: 78; Accepted: 50; Rejected: 25; Published: 49; Retracted: 0

2015: Articles Received: 82; Accepted: 53; Rejected: 29; Published: 42; Retracted: 1

2014: Articles Received: 105; Accepted: 67; Rejected: 34; Published: 67; Retracted: 0

2013: Articles Received: 107; Accepted: 46; Rejected: 46; Published: 51; Retracted: 0

Posted: 2018-07-01

Recruitment for Reviewers


CCSE operates a group of scholarly journals, covering natural sciences, social sciences and technologies. The editorial board welcomes you to join us to be Reviewer.

Status: Part time                       Working language: English

Working style: Internet-based        Payment: Voluntary job, no payment


Participation in the peer-review process is absolutely essential to the success and reputation of the journal. Reviewers along with the editors determine which work is of quality and significance. Due to extensive readership, the research and scholarship presented will ultimately have an impact on literacy in classrooms, nationally and internationally.

Reviewer's name will be listed in the printed journal and on the journal's webpage.


a). possess a doctoral degree in the specific subject related closely to the journal;
b). hold a job at a university or academic organization, in a teaching or research position;
c). be fluent in academic and professional English;
d). have a strong interest in scholarly journal;
e). work quickly and accurately to tight deadlines.

How to apply

1. Complete application form download here
2. Send your application form to

Posted: 2012-11-13